Hardwood Floor Restore & Refinishing


Hardwood floors add beauty, elegance, and value to a room. However, their pristine condition can deteriorate over time from everyday use. Fortunately, hardwood floor restoring and refinishing can make your old, grotty floor shiny, beautiful, and looking new again. For over 25 years, Boston-based sand and finish specialist, Jay Hardwood Floors has been restoring hardwood floors to their original glory through time-tested methods and a commitment to excellent service.

Here are four benefits of hardwood floor restoring:

Appearance: Restoring your hardwood floor hardwood floor can do wonders to improving your floor’s appearance. It also brings out the natural beauty and charm of the wood, which complements the rest of the design elements of your house.

Affordability: While restoring is definitely more affordable than tearing out the floor and replacing it, it does an equally excellent job of making your hardwood floors look fabulous. Not only will a replacement job cost significantly more than a restoration, but it will also take longer to complete the job.

Safety: By restoring your hardwood floor, you will minimize the likelihood of the wood breaking into splinters, which could seriously injure a person. Broken or damaged parts of a wooden floor could also serve as nesting grounds for pests such as termites.

Value: Hardwood floor restoring and refinishing are worthy investments to any homeowner who plans on putting their home on the market someday. Solid hardwood floors in good condition can easily increase the value of a home and are highly sought after by potential buyers.

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